Applications are numerous

The swab robot was developed with the objective of easy, precise, and accessible testing. The robot provides a reliable and consistent swab no matter the use.


The swab robot can assist general practitioners and family doctors with respiratory diagnostics of e.g., Influenza, COVID-19, or Streptococcus infections.

Automating the oropharyngeal samples usually taken by a nurse or doctor will reduce the waiting time to be treated or diagnosed for the patients, while saving time for the doctor or nurse to see other patients where a direct consultation is beneficial for the diagnosis.


At hospitals, the swab robot offers the opportunity of perimeter health safety by monitoring pathogens entering or exiting the hospital grounds. The personnel can test themselves securely at defined intervals by scanning their ID card without the hassle of collecting the sample themselves.

Hospital visitors can be tested at the outskirts of the hospital buildings to prevent bringing pathogens into the wards. An efficient screening method of pathogens to reduce hospital acquired infections and create a safer workplace for personnel and patients.


For public safety, the swab robot can help reduce the risk of diseases spreading across borders by taking randomized samples at high-risk mobility hubs such as airports.
The swab robot can be integrated into the existing security process between landside and airside to maintain the continuous flow of passengers without delay but with increased knowledge of how diseases travel with us.


Conventional drug testing can be subject to expensive methods, extensive labor time and the inconvenience for employees to visit a busy clinic during workhours.
Using the swab robot to take drug test samples help to optimize the time an employee is away from work, lowering test costs and making it impossible to cheat due to ID security.

Private test centers

The growing market for “biohacking” and private testing of different health indicators makes the swab robot ideal for providing this service. More and more citizens see the benefit of gaining knowledge about their health status without necessarily feeling sick and needing to see a doctor.

The swab robot offers a 24/7 operational time while being unstaffed making it ideal for providing customers with 24-hour access to test at their convenience. Private test centers can also offer the automatic service as a “pop-up station on-site, if a sudden testing need arises at e.g., a building site or large corporation with time-sensitive projects.



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